4 06 2008


Congratulation ! Welcome to bloggersphere ! Here is no barrier, no limitation. So, you wanna go blog ? Here’s the 7’s rules to follow before you become a super blogger.

Do you really go for it ? Let’s start !

1. Writes in the power of love.
You’re now a love agent, so, you must spread the love and others who read your writing will spread the love to others and so on. So, if somebody ask why are you blogging, tell them you’re spreading the love.

2. Writing with your soul and heart.
Please make the writing reflect to who you are. Write with your soul and heart so the result will be miracle.

3. Attitude please.
Remember, you are writing about the attitude although you just write a story about mangoes and durians. When you spice your article with dirty word, please don’t angry when other say your are a dirty minded person.

4. Never writes for money and appreciation.
I believe majority of people think writing is how you deliver their knowledges and skills but wait if you believe that, you are wrong ! Writing also a part of art like the composer, musician and artiste do. You must deliver your knowledges and skills with the art of writing. Like the true art-man, they never ask for money and appreciation but when they make a good art, other pays and salute for it.

5. You’re responsible for what you wrote.
It’s free to writes anything but you must to responsible for what you are writing. If you are not sure about some facts don’t write it, but if you want to put it down please use “?” sentences.

6. Make research before you post the article.
Please make homeworks and check your article again and again. Avoid typing error so the readers know you are very perfectionist. Try to put new ideas and fresh info so it make others love to read your article.

7. Make your own branding.
Human always influence by their sifoo or idola. May be you can refer to any blogger’s writing style but it’s great when you have your own identity.

So, what are you waiting for ? Start blogging now and always implement all the 7’s rules. Let’s spread the love everywhere and anytime ! Remember, the love will come back to you ! Believe it !

by Mohd Fairuz Mat Zin – ]



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