Fairuz Hafeez’s Songs on Internet !

4 08 2008

Now i’m try to sell my songs in the intenet. Wait ya !
I’ll give the link after at least 11 visitors request for it !

This afternoon, I’m just shocking coz a local singer was behind me at Malaysian’s Chart (filted by World Genre : including reggae & traditional asian) ! Just thinking, is’t the ranking by the website are profesional and acceptable ? Here’s the scree shoot.

(Click to enlarge)

My another song was at rank #414 for the whole world for Pop (and the sub genre). Here’s the screen shoot. I feel like very motivated to work more on my creativity. And tq for the cari forum coz i found many friends there which talented in composing song and music arrangement.

(click to enlarge)

Okey my friends ….
If you wanna hear my songs then …
Let’s request ! See ya !

Que.. Sera .. Sera… !
Qasih Qaisara ?




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