Mantik (Logic) – New Song from Fairuz Hafeez (Coming Soon)

19 08 2011

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[Verse I]
The blue sky is not the mark
There will be no rain to be splashing
Dry, parched, arid land (the sign)
For people who think (making analysis)

[Verse II]
Not that he and they
You’re frustrated and suffer
Know yourself, know all the other
The answer is there

Embroidery dreams in reality
Pursue fantasy in the virtual
Many people are hypocritical
Full of tricks, without fatigue
Want you to lose

Life is like chess field
Already many have failed
Nourishing your soul, purify your hearts
By the logic, with the logic
through the logic


[Verse III]
Not everyone should go to war
But everyone must fight
Use common sense and trusts
For the love of the One True God

[Verse III]
There will be a time
Come hungry and thirsty
Appeared scared and nervous
Let’s not easy to admit defeat

[Repeat Chorus]

Songs: Mohd Fairuz Mat Zin (
Lyrics: Pawaka (



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